Game Developer

Tehran |

We are looking for talented or experienced developers to build amazing experiences for users.

Your work will include:
- Developing high-quality and clean codes for mobile games
- Participate in agile practices such as agile meetings, iteration planning, retrospective, etc.
- Brainstorming ideas together with your team


- Being either fluent in working with Godot, Unity, etc. or in another languages like Python or C## and eager to quickly learn Godot or Unity or other engines used.
- Strong understanding of engineering skills and programming fundamentals
- Experience using git as revision control system or eager to quickly learn it.
- Good communication skills
- Being passionate about what you do
- Knowing about mobile game development KPIs and other bussiness matters is a plus


- Flexible working hours
- Appropriate and on-time payment
- Stock options for all employees
- Talented colleagues and interesting work environment
- Supplementary health insurance
- Generous low-interest loans to employees
- Various on-site entertainments