Game Product Manager - Cafe Bazaar

Tehran | Game | Full-time

If you have always been blamed for wasting your time on mobile games and you have always thought of being part of a team in which games are produced, It’s time to join our game production team!

We need a game product manager who is eager to find the best design of a game, based on users’ insight and market need. They should concentrate on every single detail of a game to polish it for gamers and plan the development roadmap and work closely with the team to keep game development agile and hit the targets.

As a game product manager, you will bridge the gap between the real world and the world of art & engineering with helping the team learn about the business aspects of their game and what makes gamers happy. You will work with a wide variety of people including people from engineering, artists, marketing, operations, accounting, etc. As a Game Product Manager, you will help us with building the next big change in Iranians mobile life.


The main questions you should find an answer for, are what game should be produced, what is the development roadmap, when should the game be scaled up or stopped and what are the main KPIs for the game?

As a game product manager, you will work on the following based on market research, benchmarks, and teamwork.

  • Set the game’s short-term and long-term KPIs and find the right time for scaling the game or killing it!
  • Build consensus over product roadmap and quarterly goals based on the game’s long term strategy.
  • Break down problems into small actionable steps and keep product development moving fast and agile to achieve our long term goals
  • Create design concepts and work closely with the development team to implement and iterate on game features
  • Prioritize user stories and help the team with finding the best solutions for problems at hand
  • Experience with game production and design.
  • Familiar with different parts of game production process such as engineering, art, music, design.
  • Good at strategic thinking and able to create a long-term strategic plan.
  • Great communication and leadership skills.
  • Analytical and quantitative skills.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Appropriate payment
  • Stock options for all employees
  • Talented colleagues and interesting work environment
  • Supplementary health insurance
  • Generous low-interest loans to employees
  • Various on-site entertainments