Software Engineer Internship


Cafebazaar is looking for motivated students who can help us explore new ideas, implement solutions, and work on challenging problems alongside our software engineers. We have several projects in Cafebazaar, Divar, Balad and Cafebazaar Cloud with various requirements in Python and Go, SQL and NoSQL databases, Computer Networks, Kubernetes, Microservice Architecture, etc. You will be assigned a mentor during your internship which will guide you throughout your work and coaches you in order to have meaningful impact on our products.

The program is not only for students. For students, this internship can be considered for passing the university internship program and also as a starting point for working as a software engineer in Cafebazaar. Therefore it is more likely to be accepted for students who are willing to stay with us after their internship. Nevertheless, other students with strong skills are always welcome to join us.


Requirements vary based on projects. You can see the list of our projects here.

We accept students who are able to work for at least 3 months full-time or 5 months part-time in this position.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary package
  • Appropriate and on-time payment
  • Talented colleagues and interesting work environment
  • Various on-site entertainments